Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update, Suckas

Brief update, today... First, a reminder that the winner of the Insult Contest will be picked on Friday, so get your digs in, quick, you jive-ass M.F.ers.

Second, go to The Amazing Zectron, and check out what Octavio is doing over there. Maybe, we'll get lucky, and Octavio will stop being such a damned welfare-mother, and enable the following feature, so we can actually keep up with his artistic endeavors. He's a pretty talented dude, even if he's slower than Methuselah. (<3) Dave, at Amerikaiju posted up on Octavio's most recent offerings, too... So check out both blogs, before I have you fisted by angry babboons.

Lastly, I'm going to start taking limited orders on Gorewads, soon. Honestly, I am not real sure what to expect from you guys, so if you're interested, give me a heads up, and I will try to accomodate.
We will not be taking requests for specific colors, and they'll be packed at random... But we certainly encourage trading amongst each other. We're going to keep making them in whatever colors Eric is feeling like that day, so we've got no idea what the "Rarity" of each of the colors is going to be. We're leaving that, to you guys.

Any other questions about the line? Just post them in the comments, and I will answer then ASAP.

Time to go...

It's been fun though, right?


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